12 Myths About Entrepreneurs Debunked

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Host Brett Ingram, an entrepreneur and award-winning product creator, tackles the myths surrounding entrepreneurship. He discusses 12 prevalent misconceptions about entrepreneurs, including the notions that they don’t have a personal life, never quit, don’t have a boss, are all rich, need a unique idea to start a business, or require a detailed business plan at the onset. Ingram emphasizes that entrepreneurship involves hard work, adaptability, and calculated risks rather than secret formulas or special innate abilities. By debunking these myths, Ingram aims to provide a more realistic understanding of entrepreneurship for both current and aspiring business owners.


00:00 Introduction: Debunking Entrepreneurial Myths

00:29 Understanding Perceptions of Entrepreneurs

02:57 Myth 1: Entrepreneurs Don’t Have a Personal Life

05:00 Myth 2: Real Entrepreneurs Never Quit

07:43 Myth 3: Entrepreneurs Don’t Have a Boss

09:49 Myth 4: All Entrepreneurs Are Rich

11:54 Myth 5: You Need a Unique Idea to Start a Business

14:45 Myth 6: There’s a Secret Formula for Success

17:14 Myth 7: Entrepreneurs Should Always Trust Their Gut

18:42 Myth 8: You Have to Be Young to Be an Entrepreneur

20:36 Myth 9: Entrepreneurship Requires Special Innate Abilities

21:11 Myth 10: You Need a Lot of Money to Start a Business

22:09 Myth 11: You Need a Detailed Business Plan Before Starting

23:26 Myth 12: Entrepreneurs Are Always High Risk Takers

24:10 Conclusion: Realities of Entrepreneurship

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