Become The Best Version of Yourself with Derick Johnson


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Host Brett Ingram speaks with Derick Johnson, a U.S. Army veteran, award-winning Soldier of the Year, and successful life coach and trainer. Derick shares insights from his challenging upbringing, growing up in a strict and disciplined household affected by alcoholism. He describes how he turned his pain into power by delving into fitness, faith, and psychology. They discuss Derick’s journey in the military, overcoming fears, and using discipline and faith to achieve unstoppable momentum. Derick also talks about his life coaching approach, focusing on breaking old patterns to help clients thrive in all aspects of life. Tune in for inspiring stories, practical advice, and strategies to build a successful and balanced life.

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00:09 Meet Derick Johnson: From Soldier to Life Coach

01:03 Derick’s Challenging Childhood

03:39 Coping with Family Struggles

07:01 Turning Pain into Motivation

07:59 The Power of Fitness and Faith

11:19 Advice for Overcoming Toxic Family Situations

15:21 Military Service: Facing Fears and Building Discipline

17:44 Life Coaching: Breaking Old Patterns to Thrive

21:17 Discovering Your Unique Gifts

22:09 The Importance of Resolving Issues

23:21 Coaching Structure and Methods

24:50 Group Coaching Dynamics

26:17 Steps to Take Control of Your Life

29:13 Improving Relationships and Communication

34:07 Traits of Successful Individuals

37:01 Connecting with Derick

38:35 The Key to Success in Life

40:42 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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