Master Your Entrepreneurial Mindset with Ken Attard


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In this episode of the optYOUmize podcast, host Brett Ingram talks with Ken Attard, founder of Mindset Malta, about the critical role of mindset for entrepreneurs. Ken shares his journey from banking to becoming a mindset consultant, emphasizing the importance of adapting and pivoting using his proprietary ARC method. Ken discusses common mindset challenges faced by entrepreneurs and explains why cultivating an abundant mentality and engaging in regular quiet time can drive both business and personal success. He also introduces the ARC method’s five pillars—Awareness, Adapting, Alignment, Applying, and Allowing—and offers actionable tips for creating a balanced, joyful, and successful entrepreneurial journey.

Visit to get your free mindset awareness program and learn about how Ken can help you.


01:30 Meet Ken Attard: From Banking to Mindset Consulting

03:00 Ken’s Entrepreneurial Journey

06:29 The Importance of Mindset in Entrepreneurship

15:42 Common Mindset Challenges for Entrepreneurs

25:09 The Importance of Enjoying the Journey

25:40 The Void in Entrepreneurial Success

26:44 Founding Mindset Malta

27:56 Programs and Offerings of Mindset Malta

30:24 The ARC Method Explained

31:10 The Five Pillars of the ARC Method

37:51 The Umami Self and Trust

40:30 Where to Find Ken and His Programs

42:30 Ken’s Number One Tip for Success

43:45 Final Thoughts and Gratitude

Visit to get your free mindset awareness program and learn about how Ken can help you.

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