10 Business Lessons from Legendary Entrepreneur and Apple Founder Steve Jobs

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This conversation discusses 10 business lessons from Steve Jobs, the legendary entrepreneur and Apple founder. The lessons cover various aspects of business, including simplicity, product quality, innovation, understanding customers, articulating a clear vision, rejecting mediocrity, embracing failure, aggressive marketing, building a great team, and staying passionate. These lessons reflect Jobs’ unique approach to leadership, product development, and business strategy, and continue to inspire entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide.


  • Focus on simplicity in product design, user interface, and business processes.
  • Prioritize product quality to exceed customer expectations.
  • Constantly innovate to stay ahead in competitive industries.
  • Understand your customer and create products they will love.
  • Articulate a clear vision to inspire and align your team.
  • Reject mediocrity and strive for excellence in everything you do.
  • Embrace failure as a necessary step toward innovation and success.
  • Market aggressively and create a compelling narrative about your products.
  • Build a great team of talented individuals who share your passion for innovation.
  • Stay passionate about what you do to drive success and satisfaction in your career.


00:00 Introduction to Steve Jobs

02:24 Lesson 1: Focus on Simplicity

04:16 Lesson 2: Prioritize Product Quality

05:43 Lesson 3: Constant Innovation

09:04 Lesson 4: Understand Your Customer

11:27 Lesson 5: Articulate a Clear Vision

13:20 Lesson 6: Reject Mediocrity

15:43 Lesson 7: Embrace Failure

20:07 Lesson 9: Build a Great Team

21:06 Lesson 10: Stay Passionate

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