11 Business and Life Lessons From The Reality Show Survivor

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Survivor is a reality show that has endured for 20 years due to its compelling nature. It teaches lessons that can be applied to business and life. The 11 lessons include taking risks, pushing outside of comfort zones, understanding complexity, building relationships, having a purpose, embracing struggle, perseverance, understanding dynamics, adaptability, realizing our potential, and recognizing the strength of the human spirit.


Taking risks can lead to life-changing experiences.

Pushing outside of our comfort zones helps us discover our true capabilities.

Not everything is simple or clear; there is nuance in everything.

Building relationships is vital to success in business and life.

Having a purpose gives us the drive to overcome adversity.

Struggle and perseverance are necessary for growth and success.

Understanding situational dynamics is crucial for making informed decisions.

Adaptability is essential in a rapidly changing world.

We are capable of far more than we think.

The strength of the human spirit is universally engaging.


00:00 Introduction to Survivor

03:03 Lesson 1: Taking risks can be life-changing

05:57 Lesson 2: Pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone

08:50 Lesson 3: Not everything is simple or clear

12:09 Lesson 4: Relationships are vital to success

14:07 Lesson 5: Having a purpose means everything

16:04 Lesson 6: Things aren’t always easy

19:55 Lesson 8: Understanding situational dynamics

21:49 Lesson 9: Adaptability is a requirement for success

23:17 Lesson 10: We are capable of far more than we think

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