6 Email Marketing Tools To Increase Your Inboxing, Opens, and Clicks

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In this conversation, Brett Ingram discusses the importance of email marketing and shares six tools to increase inboxing, opens, and clicks. He emphasizes the effectiveness of email marketing and the need to build a list of leads and buyers. However, he also highlights the challenges of low open rates and low deliverability. To address these challenges, he recommends using tools such as Google Postmaster, MX Toolbox, Mail-Tester, Zero Bounce, and Warm Up Inbox. These tools help analyze email marketing effectiveness, diagnose issues, prevent problems, and maximize inbox delivery.


  • Email marketing is a highly effective promotional method that allows businesses to reach out to prospects and promote products.
  • Building an email list of leads and buyers is crucial for successful email marketing.
  • Low open rates and deliverability issues can hinder the effectiveness of email marketing.
  • Tools such as Google Postmaster, MX Toolbox, Mail-Tester, Zero Bounce, and Warm Up Inbox can help analyze, diagnose, and optimize email marketing campaigns.


00:00 Introduction to Email Marketing

02:25 The Effectiveness of Email Marketing

05:15 Challenges in Email Marketing

09:02 Tools to Analyze Email Marketing

20:56 Tools to Maximize Inbox Delivery

24:41 Summary and Takeaways

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