The 4 “P” Words That Predict Success As An Entrepreneur

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In this episode of ‘Optimize’, hosted by Brett Ingram, we dive into the four crucial traits—dubbed the ‘four P’s’—that are essential for entrepreneurial success. These include Passion, Persistence, Perseverance, and Patience. Ingram discusses how each trait contributes to building a successful business and personal life, drawing from personal stories and broader entrepreneurial examples. He emphasizes that while the journey of entrepreneurship comes with its challenges and setbacks, embodying these traits can guide aspiring entrepreneurs towards achieving their goals. The importance of loving what you do, consistently pushing forward, overcoming obstacles, and having the patience to wait for results are all explored as indispensable facets of building and maintaining a successful business.


  • Passion is the underpinning of entrepreneurial success and keeps entrepreneurs motivated.
  • Persistence is necessary for the long road of entrepreneurship and requires the ability to keep going no matter what.
  • Perseverance is the ability to overcome obstacles and setbacks that are inevitable in entrepreneurship.
  • Patience is the passive side of entrepreneurship and allows entrepreneurs to wait for the results of their hard work.


00:00 Introduction to Entrepreneurial Success

00:28 The Essence of Entrepreneurship

02:51 The First P: Passion

07:36 The Second P: Persistence

12:40 The Third P: Perseverance

17:27 The Fourth P: Patience

19:59 Conclusion: The Four P’s of Entrepreneurial Success

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