The “Drop Everything and Do-This-Now” Action Every Entrepreneur Should Take

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In this podcast episode, host Brett Ingram discusses the paramount importance of building a following for entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey, whether they are starting out or looking to grow their established business. Ingram argues that creating a loyal and engaged audience through sharing valuable content across various platforms is the single most crucial action for long-term success. He emphasizes that a robust following offers benefits such as audience engagement, brand awareness, influence and authority, networking opportunities, and monetization avenues. Conversely, he outlines the risks of not building a following, including limited reach, lack of credibility, missed opportunities, difficulty in validation, and limited feedback and insight. Ingram shares personal anecdotes and examples from his entrepreneurial journey to illustrate how a committed audience can provide security and drive growth, even amidst market fluctuations and unforeseen events like COVID-19. He concludes by urging entrepreneurs to start building their following immediately, highlighting the significant, enduring advantages of having a dedicated tribe.


00:00 Introduction: The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Action

00:30 Reflecting on Starting Over and Its Importance

02:10 The Power of Building a Following

03:21 Why Building a Following is Critical

11:58 The Benefits of Having a Loyal Audience

16:25 Risks of Not Building a Following

20:40 Conclusion: The Imperative of Building a Following

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