The Truth About Making a Work and Life Schedule


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In theory, many of us are resistant to the idea of schedules. The thought of adhering to a strict digital or written list, dictating our every moment, can be unsettling. It may seem robotic, predictable, and confining, diminishing the magic and mystery of life. However, as an entrepreneur, I learned that the reality of schedules is quite different from this perception. This blog post explores my journey from being schedule-resistant to embracing schedules as a powerful tool for productivity, balance, and peace of mind.

The Resistance to Schedules

At the outset of my entrepreneurial journey, I resisted schedules vehemently. I believed my intelligence and motivation were sufficient to guide me without the need for structured planning. I wanted the freedom to work on my terms, making schedules seem unnecessary, overly structured, and confining. I wanted to be a free spirit, following my instincts and passion. Little did I realize that my resistance to schedules was holding me back.

The Frustration of Chaos

As an entrepreneur with personal and professional responsibilities, I found myself overwhelmed by the chaos of life without schedules. There were tasks and goals that I always wanted to accomplish but never seemed to find the time for. Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, and I still hadn’t tackled these important tasks. I often forgot critical deadlines or commitments, leading to frustration and self-blame.

Feeling the Time Crunch

Despite my best efforts, I always felt there was too much to do and never enough time. This constant pressure made it difficult to be fully present in the moment, as I was always thinking about the next task on my endless to-do list. The lack of organization and prioritization left me feeling overwhelmed and robbed me of the ability to enjoy life outside of work.

The Turning Point

Realizing that my resistance to schedules was hindering my personal and professional growth, I decided to give scheduling a chance. It wasn’t easy at first, as transitioning from a schedule-resistant mindset to a structured one presented its challenges. However, I was determined to make it work, as I couldn’t continue feeling like I was always playing catch-up.

Embracing Schedules

I experimented with various scheduling tools until I found one that suited my needs and resonated with the way I worked. Slowly but surely, I began to see the benefits of having a schedule. Here’s how scheduling transformed my life:

  1. Improved Focus and Efficiency: Schedules helped me start my day with a clear plan, eliminating the time wasted on figuring out priorities. I could dive right into important tasks, boosting my efficiency and productivity.
  2. Tackling Important Tasks: By scheduling tasks, I ensured that the most critical items never slipped through the cracks. I moved them up in priority when necessary, ensuring they received the attention they deserved.
  3. Reduced Forgetfulness: With a schedule, I rarely forgot important commitments or deadlines. It became my personal reminder system, reducing the stress of constantly trying to remember everything.
  4. Setting Boundaries: Schedules allowed me to draw boundaries and recognize my accomplishments. I could allocate time for personal activities guilt-free, knowing I had earned it.
  5. Balanced Planning: Scheduling helped me achieve a work-life balance. I could plan and prioritize both personal and professional aspects of my life, ensuring nothing was neglected.

The Liberation of Schedules

In hindsight, I realized that schedules were not confining or limiting; they were liberating. Far from being robotic, they allowed me to be in control of my time and achieve a sense of accomplishment. Schedules didn’t stifle creativity or spontaneity; they provided a framework within which I could thrive. I also discovered that scheduling wasn’t just about getting work done but also about making time for myself, my passions, and my loved ones. It gave me the freedom to acknowledge my achievements and grant myself well-deserved breaks.


In conclusion, my journey from schedule resistance to embracing schedules was transformative. Schedules are not the enemies of spontaneity; they are the allies of productivity and balance. They empower us to prioritize, remember, and achieve, while also providing the freedom to enjoy life. So, if you’ve been skeptical about schedules, it might be time to give them a chance. You might just find that they bring structure, success, and serenity to your work and life, just as they did for me.

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