What Does It Really Take To Create a Podcast Episode?

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In this episode, Brett Ingram discusses the process of creating a podcast episode. He highlights the lack of information available on this topic and the allure of podcasting. Brett then breaks down the startup phase, including the initial setup and decision-making process. He shares his personal process for each episode, from topic selection to recording and editing. Brett also emphasizes the importance of transcripts, show notes, and utilizing social media to promote the podcast. He concludes by discussing the time and dedication required for podcasting and the potential for monetization.


  • Podcasting has become popular, but there is a lack of information on the process of creating podcast episodes.
  • The allure of podcasting lies in its perceived ease and low cost, but it requires dedication and persistence.
  • The startup phase involves initial setup, including deciding on the podcast’s market, format, and length.
  • The process of creating an episode includes topic selection, outlining, recording, editing, and producing the final version.
  • Transcripts, show notes, and utilizing social media are important for promoting the podcast and attracting listeners.
  • Podcasting requires time, energy, and passion, and monetization may take time to achieve.


00:00 Introduction

00:50 The Lack of Information on Creating Podcast Episodes

02:15 The Allure of Podcasting

03:10 The Startup Phase

04:08 The Process of Creating an Episode

07:05 Recording and Editing

09:32 Topic Selection and Outlining

11:54 Recording and Editing the Episode

13:21 Transcripts and Show Notes

15:14 Uploading and Hosting the Episode

15:43 Utilizing Social Media

18:31 The Complete Episode Process

20:27 Interview Style Podcasts

21:52 Monetization and Conclusion

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