What Every Digital Marketer Should Learn From The Looming TikTok Ban (Before It’s Too Late)

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In this conversation, Brett Ingram discusses the looming ban on TikTok and the lessons that digital marketers can learn from it. He highlights the controversy surrounding TikTok’s Chinese ownership and the concerns about security and data mining. Brett explains the recent legislation to ban TikTok in the United States and the potential impact on digital marketers. He emphasizes the importance of diversifying and protecting digital assets, as well as diversifying traffic generation methods and sales and income streams. The key takeaway is that online businesses need to be prepared for constant change and adapt to ensure long-term success.


  • Digital marketers should be aware of the potential impact of the looming TikTok ban and take steps to diversify their marketing strategies.
  • It is important to protect digital assets by implementing security measures such as strong passwords and secure hosting.
  • Diversifying traffic generation methods can help mitigate the risk of relying on a single platform or channel.
  • Diversifying sales and income streams is crucial to ensure financial stability and resilience in the face of potential disruptions.


00:00 Introduction to TikTok and the Looming Ban

01:00 Controversy Surrounding TikTok’s Chinese Ownership

02:25 Legislation to Ban TikTok in the United States

03:21 Importance of TikTok for Digital Marketers

04:47 The Lesson: Diversify and Protect

05:16 The Constant Evolution of the Online World

07:13 The Evolution of Search Engine Optimization

08:39 The Importance of Adapting to Change

09:37 The Need to Protect Digital Assets

10:36 Diversifying Traffic Generation Methods

12:31 Diversifying Sales and Income Streams

16:34 Protecting Digital Assets: Security Measures

20:52 Diversifying Sales and Income Streams

22:19 The Importance of Diversification

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