What The Larry Bird vs Magic Johnson Rivalry Can Teach Us About Business

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Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were two of the greatest NBA basketball players of all time. This conversation explores their rivalry and what we can learn from their journeys. The key takeaways include the importance of competition and pushing oneself, being true to oneself, the potential for rivals to become friends or partners, the value of hard work, passion, and commitment, and the significance of a great team.


  • Competition and having a rival can push us to become greater and reach new heights.
  • Being true to oneself is the only right way to achieve success.
  • Rivals or competitors can sometimes make the best friends or partners.
  • Hard work, passion, and commitment are essential to achieving greatness.
  • A great team is crucial for winning championships and achieving success.


00:00 Introduction and admiration for Larry Bird

04:50 Larry Bird and Magic Johnson as Rivals

07:12 Lessons from their journeys

08:09 Competition and pushing oneself

10:29 Being true to oneself

13:52 Rivals can become friends or partners

19:09 The importance of a great team

20:34 Summary and takeaways

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